About Miquette  

Miquette; Founder and Creative Force behind OM®




It all Began with an innocent question over 20 years ago: How does one explain to a young child (or to anyone, really) how the universe is interconnected?

How can we reassure our children that everything in life has meaning, and that we all have a purpose?  How can we help them understand that all is connected, and no one is ever really alone? 

When my daughter was four years old, she experienced a tragic loss. Processing devastating grief for the first time, I wanted to give her an understanding - there is Meaning, there is Purpose, there is Hope - and always, there is Connection.  

These questions inspired me to create a bedtime story about a world of tiny luminous beings gifted to us by Moon. 

Magical omniscient marvels, talismans of protection and power, hearts of the universe - They were sent to us to stay by our sides, and to help guide, protect and light our way through dark and challenging times.  

In my daughter’s bedtime stories, these Omniscient Marvels were, at the time, called Moonlettes.

Decades later, an idea began to form through my love of sculpting. I began to hand-form small talismans from clay.  Symbols of love and hope, I called them OMs (derived from the word 'gnome').   

It wasn't until a couple of years ago when a book began to manifest that I realized the amazing connection I had between my daughter’s story of Moonlettes and my now OM figurines.   “OMs, their Story, their Book” is in its processing stage and will hopefully manifest someday soon.    

What was once just an imaginative bedtime story for my daughter will now be available as a hardcover storybook for all to read. 

I have always had an affinity for the magic of childhood.  Children literally inspire me to inspire them.

I believe all children deserve to have their innate belief in magic and spirituality nurtured, especially as they begin to navigate the many challenges of life. 

Miquette Bishop is the artist, founder and creative spirit behind OM®.  She boasts a background rich in artistic endeavors and creative experiences… Being creative is, quite simply, in her genes.  


Miquette was born into a family driven by free spirited imagination and a sense of unlimited possibility. Her parents have been her greatest inspiration, both in art and in life.   Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Miquette spent much of her happy childhood living in France. She has also lived in Boston and Australia, but now is delighted to call Rhode Island her home.

Miquette studied graphic design and photography in Boston, then followed her other great passion; embarking on a career in early childhood education before returning to her creative roots. She has tried her hand as a jewelry designer, photographer, teacher, and costume maker. Adept in numerous artistic fields, sculpture is by far her favorite.

Miquette's aspirations and love for her work with OMs are as limitless as her imagination. The OM community continues to grow, and new connections are being made everyday. Slowly but surely, OMs have made the journey from Miquette’s Rhode Island studio to every corner of the globe! 

Creating OMs has been a natural extension of Miquette’s experience living, loving, and creating beauty… little guides that bring a bit of the magic Miquette has lived with all her life.