OMs are true originals in every sense of the word… 

born in Rhode Island by a lighthearted creative spirit named Miquette Bishop. Always encouraged to follow her heart, Miquette comes from a family of artists and has been part of many creative happenings. But she found her true calling and a profound connection when she created the first OM.

OMs come from humble beginnings. In 2009, Miquette realized that buying the Christmas gifts she loved to give was not an option that year.  Ever the artist, she viewed this challenge as a creative opportunity.  She would make gifts out of clay; little symbols to remind her family and friends everyday that they are loved.

She began to work, and out popped a little gnome-looking creature with a scrunched up cap, who seemed to exude a remarkably peaceful, sweet energy. Miquette’s children told her he needed some friends, and that’s how the first community of OMs came to be.

The OMs delighted everyone in Miquette’s diverse circle, from her doctor to her neighbors to her friends and many, many fellow artists. They were all as enamored with them as Miquette was on that first December day… The connection was made, and it was time to introduce them to the rest of the world.


OMs speak very softly, but they speak the universal language of the heart.

OMs have possibilities as endless as the stars in the sky, which is why each one has a thoughtfully chosen star as its namesake. They remind us that there is no idea, dream, or individual who is more or less significant than the other. When we are feeling the desire to connect, they whisper to us that we are already connected. All we have to do is remember to listen.

OMs are peaceful creatures that children hope to see (and sometimes do!) when they go outside and explore. They are little free spirits who symbolize the heart of the universe… and the connection we all have to one another.

 Each one is infused with positive energy and love. They are as unique and special as the person who will give it a home or share it with someone else who will treasure it.

OMs celebrate the power of each individual to connect with something bigger than they are. 

OMs are meant to be given, so give an OM!  Giving one to someone you love is like sharing a special, wonderful secret… A forever reminder of the connection you have with the person you gave it to.

OMs have evolved slowly and organically, and been shared, given, and treasured by people everywhere, all of whom have been touched by their amazing power to connect people from across the world or just down the road…

When you invite OMs into your life, you are joining a global community rooted in kindness, consciousness, and connectedness. They are kindred spirits.  Each one has a story to tell, and becomes part of your story, and our shared story of what it means to be alive.

The journey to connect begins with a single word… OM.