My mother's love, always and forever <3

For those who follow our blog you'll find this one to be a bit different.  The main reason is, this one is written by me and it's about me....and my mom.  :)

I'll try to not get too profound, but it's amazing to me that there are so many things in life we will never understand.....yet we're left to accept everything and keep forging forward on our journey.  This part of life has it's moments, wonderful at times and absolutely painstaking other times.   Our lives are literally defined by moments, especially the ones we never see coming.   How we handle these moments, and the changes in our lives, I believe, is a testament to our parents.  Parenting is no easy task and the lessons we've learned along the way were guided by these wonderful people.....I have been blessed by three amazing parents, two biological and one step.

Though I love all my parents and they've all had a hand in raising me, this blog is about my amazing mother, Miranda Holt :)  Also known as Yia Yia.

As most of you know I began a Kickstarter campaign 36 days ago, and if you haven't already heard, it has now ended and was unsuccessful in reaching it's goal.  I say unsuccessful because that's how 'Kickstarter' labels it when it comes to an end.   It was SO not unsuccessful!  I've had so much success on so many levels!  One in particular  which I wanted to share with you, an email I received from my mother, Yia Yia.  (this means grandmother in greek and no she's not greek)

I've never been compelled to write a blog, I struggle with writing horribly, but this morning I was inspired.   Because I was 'unsuccessful' with my campaign, my mother sent me an email with her support and encouragement.....It's what every wonderful mother would do for their child in a situation such as this, but not every mother would say it in the same way....and this is the beauty that I wish to share, because to me, it's a prime example of why I am who I am.    We are all products of our upbringing and I am proud to be a product of my mother.   She has been a true gift to me......I hope that when she reads this she has a better understanding of what a gift  she is, and has always been, to me and to everyone who has ever met her, or has come in contact with her.

Though this email was intended for my eyes only..... I would like everyone to relish in it's wisdom....It's for anyone who needs a little boost from YiaYia :)   Enjoy!

Mom, I dedicate this blog to you....I love you so very much!  Thank you for everything and especially thank you for this email!    XOXOX

hello dearest one
I am terribly sorry you didn't make your goal.
BUT, this is not the end ...just a slight diversion in the road less travelled.
a sign of our moden day living:  if it isn't technology/ or 'how to speed up' our emotions/digestion/elimination etc....
then it doesn't rev up any interest.
I'm positive you should continue.  The message the OMs bring is important.  Let's face it.  The part of living that is kind/
good/patient/spiritual/ all of the necessary things that we need to create peace and love; these things are losing the battle
against money;corporations,greed,war,hatred,bullying; and the OMs have an avenue to counter-act these negative , ugly
creations .  You may have to take a longer, winding, path; but to give up on this path is not the answer.  The answer is to
continue on the path less travelled; and as difficult as the day to day problems may seem; they will fade as you progress.
I am confident that you will succeed.  Success may be in the small things along the way; like your work in Connecticut; and the
work you have already accomplished.  Your success may be in helping/educating/lifting people's awareness.  I understand
financially it has to work also.  but this is not the main goal.  It's the journey TO that goal which is going to enrich your life.
The lessons of your 8 to 5 days will be the tapestry weavings, that will end up as a work of art, a huge woven tapestry embedded
in your soul stored with all the experiences you are having with your creations/all the people you have met and will be meeting
as you continue on your journey..............
It would help your philosophy if , every morning, you spent 10 minutes in silence sitting in your chair and thanking the universe
for all your blessings.  The positive feelings that come from being grateful for the OMs, being grateful for having had Dianna
full time, being grateful to all the people who have given you money; given you positive affirmations about the OMs, all
those who have encouraged you/ the children who have responded and you brought joy know...but I think the
Buddhist concept of being grateful ...and actually verbalizing this daily , really changes the process and progress of those
 who take the time and do it.
well, that ought to do it for this email............ta ra!!  I love you, more than life, and I am very very proud of you.  You have
accomplished something wonderful. You have a lot to be proud of; mom