OMs speak very softly, but they speak the universal language of the heart.

OMs have possibilities as endless as the stars in the sky, which is why each one has a thoughtfully chosen star as its namesake. They remind us that there is no idea, dream, or individual who is more or less significant than the other. When we are feeling the desire to connect, they whisper to us that we are already connected. All we have to do is remember to listen.

OMs are peaceful guardians that children hope to see (and sometimes do!) when they go to sleep and dream. They are little free spirits who symbolize the heart of the universe… and the connection we all have to one another.

OMs celebrate the power of each individual to connect with something bigger than they are. 

They are meant to be given!  Giving one to someone you love is like sharing a special, secret blessing… A forever reminder of the connection you have with the person you gave it to.

OMs have evolved slowly and organically, and been shared, given, and treasured by people everywhere, all of whom have been touched by their amazing power to connect people from across the world or just down the road…

When you invite OMs into your life, you are joining a global community rooted in kindness, consciousness, and connectedness. They are kindred spirits.  Each one has a story to tell, and becomes part of your story, and our shared story of what it means to be alive.

The journey to connect begins with a single word… OM.



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Based on the ideas and beliefs that derived from my original OM® characters,  I am excited and pleased to announce that I am working on an origin storybook about the OMs!  

It is due out this Christmas.

Beyond providing exciting adventures and wonderful entertainment, the story will offer young children a new perspective about the world, our universe, friendships, and all that surrounds them.  Reading the story, they will see the magic and beauty of our world through the eyes of an OM.  

I believe, with its empowering narrative and inspirational messages, my story of the OMs will be loved by children and welcomed by parents alike.  

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Inclusive of Age, Religion, Race or Creed, OMs Connect a Global Community rooted in Love, Light and Courage.

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