Q: How do I order OMs?

  • A: OMs can be ordered directly through this website or you can find  OMs  in retail stores

Q: How do I know which OM to order?

  • A: OMs symbolize the connections we share to other people or the world around us. Everyone is attracted to OMs for different reasons.   Some fall in love with the way a specific OM looks; others fall in love or find a deep connection to the story and the symbolism the OM represents.

Q: I received my OM in the mail and it is damaged. What do I do?

  • A: These things can happen. We will be more than happy to replace your damaged OM!   Please email us right away so we can remedy the issue promptly info@ilovemyOM.com

            Q: When I purchase an OM, does it come with a story?   

  • A: Yes!  All OMs come with a story.   Some have specific profile stories, others come with 'The Origin of OMs' story.    The story cards are a nice keepsake.