Tidbits & Facts...

  • The First OM, Panache, was created November 2009
  • 'OMs and the Light of Courage' the book is being written
  • The name OM means Omniscient (all knowing) Marvels
  • OMs were born from Moon
  •  The idea for Omniscient Marvels began 20+ years ago as a children's bedtime story.  Called "Moonlettes"  it was intended to help soothe my 4 yr. old daughter, Miranda, who was processing grief for the first time.   
  • Everyone has an Omniscient Marvel by their side to help them on their journey now, and in the ever after 
  • A real OM is barely visible to the naked eye.    
  • The light of an OM is too bright for human eyes.
  • ‘Panache’ the original OM revealed his name to Miquette’s father after the two shared a long road trip up to Maine together.  
  • An OM's cap is very important, the four dots and what is hidden underneath will soon be revealed.  Click here for more Info!
  • OMs are guardians, protectors, warriors and love to inspire. 
  • OMs symbolize everything good in the world and lighten the everyday.. 
  • Their message: No One is Separate From Another, No One Thing Can Change By Itself - We Are All Connected....


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