Q: How do I know which OM to order?

  • A: OMs symbolize the connections we share with others. Everyone is attracted to OMs for different reasons.   Some fall in love with the way a specific OM looks; others fall in love or find a deep connection to the story and the symbolism the OM represents.

Q: I received my OM in the mail and it is damaged. What do I do?

  • A: These things can happen. We will be more than happy to replace your damaged OM.   Please email us right away so we can remedy the issue promptly info@ilovemyOM.com

            Q: When I purchase an OM, does it come with a story?   

  • A: Yes!  All OMs come with a story.   Some have specific profile stories, others come with 'The Origin of OMs' story.    The story cards are a nice keepsake.  

             Q: Can I order a custom OM?

  • A: Yes.  Details Below:

Designs can be created for either a single special OM, or an exclusive OM offering. For either option; OM® Omniscient Marvels will design a custom OM that adheres to requests of the client. The client will provide details of preferred colors, styles, and a description of what they are looking for.

One of the two options below must be chosen before designs are started.

Single Specialty OM

  • Design will apply to a one time only hand painted production of either a 3” or a 5” OM. 
  • Great for customers or clients that are looking for a one time gift or special piece for themselves.

Exclusive OM Offering

  • Design will apply to a prototype OM that will then be available to the customer or client for repeat orders of that OM.
  • Great for clients that are looking for an OM they can resell exclusively. 

Designs are hand drawn and submitted digitally to the client for review. Two (2) design styles will be shown and the client will choose one of the two layouts to be painted. 

Price: $150.00

  • Includes two (2) drawn designs, and one (1) painted 3” OM

Price: $175.00

  • Includes two (2) drawn designs, and one (1) painted 5” OM

Additional Renditions:

If requested, additional renditions, beyond the original two (2) designs, are available at $35 each.

Exclusive OM Production:

  • Once a design is finalized, resale/wholesale price will be determined.