Lori from New Zealand

Kia ora Miquette...I am writing to you from New Zealand. I just received the Sun OM as a gift and absolutely love him! Your words of encouragement about the Sun OM deeply touched my heart and is bringing such warmth and sunshine to our autumn/winter - yes, we are in opposite seasons, so this gift came at a most perfect time. I received it from m...

Kris and Bill

I Love My OM...he's wonderful...wish I could find the artisan one you have on your comment page...the storm one is great too...Love the idea and we plan to take him with us on road trips...we'll send you some photo's later...thanks again for a great idea...Best wishes

Christine Baker & Jesse

Look what I received today! It made me cry. I am so happy to have 'Maya' OM with me on my hike and I promise to share photos. I know she is sending me good energy and I am so appreciative that you have donated an OM to help guide me on my journey. Thank you so very much. Your OMS are just beautiful! We will be sharing on our website and social m...

I love OMs! I've started a small collection and recently received Affinity for Valentine's Day. They are the cutest duo I have even seen! 

 Hi, I love the OMs!!  

Susan Millet

I saw the collection of OMs in Newport RI. and fell in love with them. As a surprise, my son gave me Bunda the next day. I cannot tell you the joy she brings my heart. I am looking forward to your Newsletter. I really do love my OM. Thank you Susan Millet 


Hi Miquette, The OM is so adorable. My oldest daughter has moved back to Rhode Island. I will be putting an order in for her for Christmas. 

Christine Robinson

Love the OM’s! My husband bought me them for Christmas. Love them, thank you!


My daughter and I saw the OMs at Runcible Spoon on Wayland Sq in Providence. Naturally one ended up in each of our stockings! Love them!


PLEASE!!!!!!! Sell OMs somewhere in the south shore of MASS. Maybe Easton MA and in Hudson MA maybe The PaperStore.I LOVE OMs !!!! Thank you

A. Tomas

Miquette,I honestly had no idea what an OM was until my boyfriend got me one when he went to Newport. I got Love OM and I love her! She is so adorable and she reminds me everyday to love everyone. She now sits in my room beside my bed and I look over at her all the time. So cute!-A

Carly, CA

Hi Miquette- Today I introduced OMs to a group of teen girls and they are obsessed!  We looked on your site and read about all the ones I have in the space. And then we started exploring further to learn about the other kinds and began brainstorming. Everyone created different things for them to go in the OM garden. One of the...

Jennifer, ME

I received Nash yesterday!!!!   Thank you :)  He looks perfect on my kitchen windowsill along with the others!  My 16 month old daughter loves to "kiss" them each morning :)

Jenny, RI

My own OM is sitting in my window and he shared some truth with me yesterday... They are full of wisdom these little OM's ♥ Gotta make sure to keep a few around!  

Kelly M. - RI

My daughter gave me my Om for Christmas.  I love it!  And  I, too, believe we are all connected.  I have a Daily Painting Blog, and tomorrow, January 4th, I will post my painting of my little Om.  Thank you!  

Joan H. - RI

I just placed an order for 4 OMs... on my way to a collection !  

Annie - RI

Miquette,  It was so nice meeting you the other day and I love my Om's!  Can't wait to give a couple away as gifts.  The note cards are all beautiful as well!  Thanks so much     

Kelley MacDonald

Panache was a present from my daughter to me at Christmas time. She has a matching one, so we're 'together' in this. It's called an "Om", and you can see more, and the story about them at www.ilovemyom.com and read their blog. It's about 3 inches tall, and sweet as can be. The story is about how we're all connected, and alike, I guess,...


"I just LOVE the Oms!!! And I love the story behind them! Wow...wonderful, simply wonderful!!!"   

Mark Allison, UK

Indeed, as soon as I saw your site I must admit I developed an instant liking to them. I particularly like the one that is carrying a baby OM. When I look at that I will be reminded of my wife and son back home. Thank you very much for your kind offer which I'd be honoured to accept.  

Sophie, PA

The character of each OM is as wonderful as the little OM themselves! I ordered a few others just because of their descriptions!!!  

Claudia, RI

So beautiful! You're so gifted!!!!  

Lisa B. - CA

AAAAAAAAAAAH! Cuteness overload! I just got my OMs and I am currently about to fall over.  I also love the cards!! - OMs are even cuter in person than online. I am so excited, thank you so much, I love them, I am planning a photoshoot. YAY! 

Steve, RI

I truly believe we are all connected and what a great little symbol you have created.  It is so perfect!!  I have had such a great response this week as I started to gift my little Om's and send them out into the world to do there magic and help people realize we are all one :) As you may have guess I need more OM's. &nb...

Shannon, CA

 OMG OMG OMG! HOW adorable!!!!!!!!!!

S Paul

 "I see 100 Million OMs....and a world where people are connected"   We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young...I am honored.... Stay Inspired ♥   

Ron Lewis

Really like your website. As 2012 is upon us, may we make LOVE our focus. Love should be the Theme for 2012. Thank You so much for your dedication. As the Awakening continues, may we all connect.Love & Peace Within and with ALL.


I think your company and the oms are amazing!! 


The OM is so adorable. My oldest daughter has moved back to Rhode Island. I will be putting an order in for her for Christmas. This is a fabulous idea.  Best to you and your family,