OMs stand behind a powerful message:

We Are All Connected™   

OMs are small - three inches tall to be exact, but don't let their small size fool you!  OMs are filled with courage and stand behind a powerful message that we are all connected: they symbolize everything good in the world.   

OMs are meant to be given.  Giving or gifting an OM connects you to a global community rooted in Kindness, Consciousness, and Unity.   OMs are forever connections of all kinds; the connection you have with the person you gave it to, your connection to others in the world, even your connection to the universe.  

OMs have evolved slowly and organically and have been shared, given and treasured by people everywhere, all of whom have been touched by their amazing power to Inspire, Encourage and Connect people from across the world or just down the road…

 Each OM has a story to tell.   It becomes part of your story and our shared story of what it means to live and love.    In our Rhode Island studio we are working towards making a small, positive change in the world.   We LOVE creating and designing OMs of Unparalleled Magic, Inspiration and Adorableness for YOU! 

We are proud to say that our OMs have been making a positive impact across the Globe since 2009.

Love, Connection & Gratitude Begins With a Single Word....OM