a unique range of ceramic figures that bring a bit of light & Love to the everyday life

moon-born Omniscient Marvels (OMs) Are here to raise our consciousness and help us understand a universal philosophy:

'No life is Separate from another, no one thing can change by itself, we are all connected™'

Born from the moon...

OMs are forever reminders that, even in the great big universe, we are never alone, we are connected to all.  OMs help us to connect to something bigger than we are, to think beyond the everyday, help us to see the magic!

Give an OM to someone you love! Giving one is like sharing a special, wonderful secret… A forever reminder of the connection you have with the person you gave it to.

OMs, Omniscient Marvels, Guides, Kindred spirits....they are all these things and much more!  

Inspired by people and their stories, designed and individually handcrafted, each OM has a story to tell, which becomes part of your story, and our shared story of what it means to be alive and love unconditionally